We are looking for a Chief Operating Officer for the SHONTO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (SEDC) to manage the overall resources and operations of SEDC. Please read the detailed opportunity below. To be considered for the position, please complete the form on this page, including uploading your cover letter and resume.


The initial business of SEDC is to identify and pursue economic development opportunities that benefit Shonto Community Governance of the Navajo Nation. 


The Chief Executive Officer is the highest ranked employee of the Shonto Economic Development Corporation with Shonto Community Governance as the current sole shareholder of SEDC. The CEO is hired by the board of directors for SEDC and answers directly to SEDC. The CEO is tasked with leading and motivating a high performing team with oversight over operations and business activities, business development, and finding and securing opportunities to advance the independence/autonomy of the Shonto Community. The primary duties include managing the overall resources and operations of SEDC, making major corporate decisions, and acting as the main point of contact between the board of directors, employees, and the public. 


  • Creates an environment and culture that focuses on fulfilling SEDC's mission, vision, and values; and 
  • Oversees financial performance and risk profile while ensuring all regulatory obligations are met; manages the design and implementation of new products and services; and oversees brand development and implementation of effective marketing strategies; and Represents SEDC at important business meetings, events, training and networking opportunities; and 
  • Ensures the achievement of sound business processes by following SEDC and Navajo Nation Business Regulatory guidelines; and 
  • Overseeing all projects and operational management of all businesses; and Develops all business projects by studying revenue opportunities and expansions, analyzing operations, identifying opportunities for improvement, cost reduction, enhancements, and capitalizing funds for expansion; and 
  • Oversees that all business operations are staffed with well trained and quality employees at all times, works closely with the management team to develop effective hiring, training, and compensation plans to retain quality talent; and leads and mentors staff to be successful in customer service; and 
  • Oversees the timely submission of month-end and year-end financial and operational reviews, contributes to the development of and participation in strategic planning efforts; and  Communicates circumstances and events of operations and all reports of current projects to SEDC's Board of Directors, managers, and other appropriate people to keep all updated; and 
  • Effectively manages contract negotiations and business statutory compliance; and 
  • Updates job knowledge by remaining aware of new regulations, participating in educational opportunities and training. 


While an Associate's at minimum, a Bachelor's degree in business, accounting, finance, or Master Degree in related fields is preferred. 


Minimum of 5 years of business management experience. 

  • In-depth understanding of the business industry including management, compliance, risk management, and business regulatory requirements. 
  • In-depth understanding of accounting principles and capital planning management. 
  • Leadership ability. 
  • Experience in Senior Management position 
  • Knowledge of profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow management, and general finance and budgeting. 
  • Ability to build consensus and relationships among executives, partners, and the workforce 


  • Corporate Management 
  • Financial planning and strategy 
  • Strategic planning and vision 
  • Forecasting 
  • Marketing and business development 
  • Budget Development 


  • Sufficient knowledge in Computer Skills 
  • Contract Negotiation 
  • Contracting 
  • Securing funding 
  • Growth Mindset 
  • Creativity and Innovation 
  • Clear communication 
  • The ability to attract and retain employees. Market and customer knowledge. 
  • Strategic thinking and decisiveness. 
  • The ability to delegate. 
  • Approachability. 
  • Financial knowledge 
  • Attention to detail 

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