Shonto Community Governance

Since 2004, Shonto Community Governance has had a consistent commitment to community and economic development with four priorities:

  1. Government Services Complex
  2. Business Site Development
  3. Renewable Energy Development
  4. Tourism Development

Our Vision of the Shonto Community is a community that is self-sufficient with a strong local government: a place where farming and grazing activities are in balance with residential needs, and where the traditional Navajo way of life is balanced with modern opportunities. The Community will have housing, employment, and recreational opportunities which will allow members to stay in the community and maintain strong family ties.

We invite you to learn more about our Community Leaders and their responsibilities.

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 >> Administration

 >> Sub-Committees

 >> SCG Chapter Calendar

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Did You Know?

  • Tourism is the No. 1 export industry in Arizona
  • Visitors to Northern Arizona spend tens of millions of dollars each year
  • was launched in 2020

Shonto Community Goal

The Community Goal is to “implement a pro-active scenario informed by local governance and control of resources for sustained community well-being” with Objectives organized under six focus areas: 1) physical place, 2) economic system, 3) environmental system, 4) society, 5) local government, and 6) symbols. Shonto Governance Commissions and Committees Shonto is fortunate to be governed by a mature Commission and Committee structure that, in general, has in place their respective Plans of Operation, Vision Statements and Mission Statements.

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